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Op.3 No.1 (Update 23.11.2014)

My Op.3 No.1 at this stage is still incomplete and just a musical idea which I’ll develop in the future at some point. My Original Composition Copyright (c) 2014, All rights belong to Matthew Bunting


String Quintet Suite No.1

This composition, “String Quintet Suite No.1”, isn’t one of my best ones, was rather rushed in order to complete for a contest and “The Albemarle Music Centre” in The City of Kingston Upon Hull #hull2017. Read more…

About TheClassicalMatt

I’m self-taught pianist. I have interests in the traditional Roman and Greek literature of music dating from 1200.c to 1900 (Classical Music) and its contemporary forms by composers such as Edward Elgar to Joe Hisaishi (Modern Classical, minimalism, surrealism, anime / film / game). I also arrange, compose, transcribe and midi orchestrate music.

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Making changes for careers

Support young people aged 16-29 and helping me start my own business as music teacher, arranger, composer and performer.

Sutton Methodist Church

Sutton Methodist Church

The Church Family

For the experience gained allowing me to continue playing the piano for Sunday Services and all the support given to me from everyone.

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Colin F Clare

Close Friend & Supporter

For the guidance, support and contacts he has provided that has helped me develop my career and confidence in myself.