String Quintet Suite No.1

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This composition, “String Quintet Suite No.1”, isn’t one of my best ones, was rather rushed in order to complete for a contest and “The Albemarle Music Centre” in The City of Kingston Upon Hull #hull2017.

It was composed in 2009 while I was studying at Wilberforce College. I had such a short deadline and struggled to come up with anything much. Lester Hough, my teacher at Wilberforce, helped me complete the harmony with improvements to the score.

Originally, String Quintet Suite No.1 was suppose to be in a Jazz style, but I don’t think that worked out as much as I plan it to be.

Composed by Matthew Bunting
Arranged by Lester Hough
Sheet Music:


Copyright (c) 2009, 2014
All rights belong to and monetised by me (Matthew Bunting)
With some rights reserved for Lester Hough (

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