Meloetta’s 5 Songs – (Farewell Song, Piano arr. Mockup)

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It’s sad to announce that the video Meloetta’s 5 Songs was blocked world wide.


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Thought to share if anyone’s interested in the transcriptions of Meloetta’s 5 songs and sorry about the annoying voices in the clips that can’t be removed. These were left on my HDD for months now and requested by ******* ****** (melody only), found it very difficult to arrange for piano so here it is as original.

PDF Sheet Music: **************

Survey: What do you think I should name the title’s of 2#, 4# and 5# since there is no official name? ************** (Ends 1st October 2016)

#1 Song of Harmony
#2 Sunset Song
#3 Relic Song
#4 Farewell Song
#5 Song of the Sea

#1 When Meloetta Sings the “Songs of Harmony”
#2 at sunset
#3 in an ancient ruin
#4 from a faraway place
#5 out at sea…

(#6 all songs combined, the 3 legendaries awaken.)

## … and no, this isn’t referring to the “Elements of Harmony” and “Friendship is Magic”

Actual upload date Aug 21st 2013
(Youtube keeps changing the date for some reason)

Meloetta’s 5 Songs – Melody Sheet Music (Video Stats)

Uploaded time: August 21, 2013 at 10:02 PM

Who’s your favourite female character?

Data from 10,084 people
Serena 72% (7,318)
Dawn  9% (912)
Iris  7% (750)
Misty  7% (743)
May  3% (361)

Which was your favourite Meloetta song?

Data from 7,909 people
#3 Relic Song 66% (5,281)
#5 Song of the Sea   14% (1,114)
#1 Song of Harmony   7% (624)
#2 Sunset Song   6% (543)
#4 Farewell Song   4% (347)

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