TheClassicalMatt Music Lessons

Welcome! TheClassicalMatt’s (“Matthew Bunting”) Music Lessons helps individuals of all ages enjoy playing the piano. We are committed to working with you to develop your own skills, style and meet your own goals. With plenty of musical experience, I would be more than happy to help you learn to play the piano.

Students learn at their own pace and the way they want to, whether that be as a hobby or would like to know more by exploring a genre of music through a course of individually tailored piano lessons.

If a student has no music preferences, Matthew will develop a Classical technique. He will also introduce to a range of other genres including Classical, Anime, Jazz and Popular styles. We will develop a technique which will enable students to take their playing to as high level as they are gifted and motivated to reach.

Lessons for all Ages

I will teach students of any age whether young children or adults. Generally, a good starting age is when a child is 7 years old. For my lessons, I’d recommend a child has at least a good level of communication and reading ability.

I am fully registered with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

Family friendly lessons

I would encourage parents or carers to sit in on the lessons. There is no extra charges and you are welcome to take part in the lessons too. Music lessons have been shown to increase intelligence, build confidence and concentration while keeping piano playing fun.

Experiences & Education in Music

I am qualified to Grade 7 Piano Trinity, Grade 5 Theory ABRSM and Grade 6 Theory LCM as well as studied an Extended Diploma in Music at Hull College.

I also arrange and compose my own music, some of which can be viewed on YouTube for your own interest. This is useful to those who want to learn more about harmony and musical composition.

I have performed in many concerts and regularly attend Sunday Service at Sutton Methodist Church where I conduct the music each fortnight covering normal services to baptisms, communions, special events and covenants. Doing this has greatly improved my aural and sight reading to a high level. Great for those who wish to learn to play by ear or transcribe music.

I can use computer software such as Sibelius, Cubase and many different VST’s if you wish to learn about orchestrating or recording music. For these types of lessons, we would cover everything from the different equipment used to learning about the different instruments of the orchestra if the student wishes to explore this.


Is it too late to start learning?

No, even if you are over 60, it’s never too late. There are myths that the older you are the harder it is to learn. This however is false. As an adult, you are at an advantage. You’ve been through education, and you know how to study effectively. Either way, it’s never too late.

What if I can’t read music?

That’s not a problem. We don’t expect you to. Most people these days, even professionals, can’t read music very well. In our lessons, I’ll be teaching you to read music as well as ear training where necessary.

Lesson will cover music theory not just playing the piano. It’s almost impossible to learn a new language if you don’t know anything about the country’s culture; you’d never become fluent. It’s the same in music. Not understanding the theory and history, you’ll never learn to become a good musician.

Where are the lessons located?

I’m currently providing music lessons in the East Hull area. I can teach the lessons in your own home, though I may soon have a fixed place anyone in Hull can visit for lessons.

What level do you teach to?

I generally teach from Beginner to Grade 3, but if you are at a higher level we can arrange an appointment to learn about you and discuss the opportunities available if you would still like me to teach you.

Do I have to sit exams?

If you do not want to sit exams, there is no barrier to your progress. Achievements can be seen as you learn new pieces of music. We don’t use exams to hold back someone with talent.

Can I have a parent in lessons with me?

Yes, you can. We welcome parents or guardians to sit in on lessons with their younger children.

How much do lessons cost?

There are 45 lessons per year to allow time for your family holidays and Matthew’s holidays. These tend to overlap at Christmas and Easter. Students can drop out anytime during single lessons at no extra charge.

For those paying monthly/yearly, you will still be charged for lateness or missed lessons for any reason, there will be no refunds, lessons owed will be rescheduled at a convenient time. If the student leaves within the year, charges will be calculated for actual number of lessons taken subject to 1 month’s notice period.

Please remember, your first lesson is FREE. This is so I can get to know you, where to get started and discuss opportunities.

  • £15 per Half-Hour lesson once a week. (£‭675‬/year)
  • £25 per Hour lesson once a week. (£1,125/year)

If you have been with me for at least 1 Year, you will qualify for monthly payments in advance (Prices here are up to 11% discount):

  • £50 Monthly, per Half-Hour a week. (£600/year)
  • £85 Monthly, per Hour a week. (£1,020/year)

Prices are subjected to change. If you have already paid for a month, you won’t be charged extra, you will only pay the amount needed the following months. If prices decrease and you have already paid for a month, you’ll be refunded the difference from the date it changed.

For younger students, I would recommend taking half-hour lessons each week. This enables you to progress at a good speed. It will help you to really get to know your instrument. Hour lessons work best as more material is covered and for much advance levels. Any more than 30 minutes can be too much to take in and become more tiring.

Are there any extra costs?

Extra costs may include fees for exams or the cost of books. These are passed on at cost price to us and payment is needed in advance. For exams payment must be made before the submission dates.

How do I get in touch?

Please use the contact form on the “Contact & Links” Page.

Other Services

Below is a list of other services and products I provide. This isn’t restricted to only students, though there is no discounts for those who are not my students.

MIDI piano recordings to MP3

I will convert any original, non-copyright MIDI performances to high quality MP3 files, priced per recording (no combined pieces/songs allowed). MP3’s are recorded at 320/kbps. I use a high quality VST instrument to render your MIDI file to sound like a real concert grand piano. Get 50% off when requesting 10 conversions.

£0.50 Students: £0.20